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Famous 10 - 10 famous people who use twitter .

Hey People I have decided to add a new part to my blog called Famous 10 this is all about 10 famous people or items that are hot right now . This article is about ten famous people who use twitter.

10. Adele
This popular and famous singer has over 18 million followers and was ranked in the top twenty most followed people. You might know her from her hit singles Someone Like You and Rolling In The Deep. 

9. Barrack Obama
Well of course the President of the of the USA needs to make the list with nearly 39 million followers this inspirational and amazing man is sure to be popular with the fans.

8. Justin Bieber 
This heartthrob teenager who might not be great at best of times still holds the record for most amount of twitter followers ever and has became quite apparent after release of songs like Baby and Never Say Never.

Oprah Winfrey7. Oprah Winfrey 
This famous talk show host who retired a couple of years ago from her hit show the Opera Winfrey Show is close to the top with over 21 million followers (that's the population of Australia !).

6. Pope Francis .
The pope of Rome sure has to make the list with just over three million followers, but that's all right  considering he only started on twitter last week !

5.  Tony Hawk 
 This famous skateboarder has over three million followers . You might recension him from his games or his famous 720 .

4. Russel Brand
This hilarious man has just over 7 million followers and is one of the most funniest guys on twitter.He is also famous for his break up with singer Katy Perry.

3.  Ellen DeGeneres
Another very popular talk show host who has over 23 million followers and has announced another trip down under.

2.Emma Watson
This famous British actress has over 10 million followers and is famous for playing her role as Harmonie in Harry Potter.

1. Katy Perry
Katy Perry is the second most followed person on twitter after Justin bieber with just over 46 million people following her. Katy Perry is famous for her songs Teenage Dream , Hot n Cold and more recently Roar.

If you have any ideas for another Famous 10 on my blog please feel free to leave a comment below.

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